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Bloomberg TV to Discontinue Service

<p>Bloomberg TV has announced that it will discontinue service to all NCTC affiliates nationwide beginning December 13, 2013. This includes Duo County Telecom.&nbsp;</p>
<p>”We apologize in advance to our Digital Tier customers who have been watching Bloomberg TV,” said Daryl Hammond, Duo County Telecom VP/CFO. “NCTC has made every effort to maintain service agreements with the programmer, but so far, they have been unwilling to change their position.”</p>
<p>”We encourage our subscribers to tune into other business programming on FOX Business News (199) and MSNBC (192),” Hammond said. “If anything should change, we will inform our customers right away. However, for now, Bloomberg TV will not be broadcast on Duo County Telecom after December 13th.”</p>