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Video Service Rates                             

Local Affiliate Fee$11.24
Lifeline Package$27.95
Standard Package$89.95
Digital Add-On$17.95
HDTV Premium$3.95





Premium Package Rates                             

HBO Unlimited$22.95
Cinemax Package$19.95
Showtime Unlimited$19.95
STARZ Super Pack$19.95
HBO & Cinemax$32.95
Cinemax & Showtime$29.95
 HBO & Showtime$32.95
HBO & Cinemax & Showtime$42.95
All 4 Super Pack$52.95








Installation & Other Charges                             

Premise Visit Charge$45.00
New Installation or Move$65.00
Cable Re-Connection$45.00
Additional Cable Outlet Install$15.00
Downgrade in Service Charge$15.00





Digital Receivers                             

Standard Digital Box*$3.95
HDTV Box$3.95
HDTV & DVR Box$9.95
Whole-Home DVR$4.95




*All customers receive one FREE standard cable box plus an additional FREE when taking the Digital Add-On. Each additional box is $3.95.

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