Activate Your Whole Home DVR

Access all your DVR content on any television in your house for only $4.95 a month! All you need to do is call and activate!

DVR Remote Scheduler For IP and Fiber DVR Customers

The new DVR Remote Scheduler allows any IP or Fiber customer with a DVR box to schedule and manage their DVR from the web or a smartphone app. This is a FREE feature! (Not available for HFC/Coax cable or Motorola DVR's)


How do I begin to use the Online DVR Remote Scheduler?

  1. Go to the DVR Remote Scheduler login page. Your initial Username and Password is your 6-digit DUO Broadband account number. Enter this 6-digit number in both fields and click "Login". 
  2. Once you've logged in you MUST change your login, password and email information under the "Account" tab.
  3. Now you can manage and schedule your DVR!

How do I begin to use the DVR Remote Scheduler on a Smartphone?

  1. CALL DUO Broadband for your Login – User ID!
  2. Download the "YourTV" app from Apple or Google Storeyourtv app logo
  3. When launching the APP you will be ask for the following credentials:
  • Server Address: ""
  • User ID: Provided By DUO Broadband (Note: This is not your Duo Account#) 
  • Password:  "0"

image001 image003

After you click "Login" you will be asked for your "Remote Scheduler Service Login." By default this is your DUO Broadband Account Number and should already be populated (see below).


In the "Remote Schedule Password" field (see above image), enter your established password that you set when first setting up your remote scheduler via a web browser (see below image) or use the six digit number above the “Remote Schedule Password” box as the password.

*Only two mobile devices are allowed with access per account.


Whole Home DVR

TV on Your Schedule! Automatically record your favorite programs to watch later. Access to all your DVR content on every box in your house for only $4.95 per month. (Only available for IPTV & Fiber Video Customers)

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