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Practicing Law Requires Reliable Client Access

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Since the law office had DUO Broadband Internet and phone services installed, we have had no service interruptions and that is very important to this business. Sometimes people will only try to call a lawyer one time, and then call another one.”

— David Cross, David M. Cross Law Office

As with most businesses today, reliable broadband Internet service is important. But with some businesses, especially in rural areas of the country, reliable phone service is vital. Cross Law Office in Albany chose DUO Broadband to provide both after experiencing less than dependable service from other providers.

Every business has different needs, and DUO Broadband tries to match the equipment and services to meet specific requirements. “The business service team came and met with us personally. They answered any and all questions we had. The installation personnel explained what they would be doing to install our new system. The installation personnel were very professional, informative, friendly, and they did their entire installation without our office having to stop our work. We could not have asked for a better experience in the installation of the equipment.”

Beyond their own business, Cross Law sees the benefits DUO Broadband brings to their entire community. “For this area to have high-speed fiber-optic broadband now impacts this community in many ways. We have beautiful lakes and rivers all around us and it has always been a problem for those moving in some areas not to have this service. With more people moving to Clinton County to retire and build nice homes around the river and the lake it’s imperative. Also, with so many people working from home now, this is really needed.

“Another great reason for using DUO is that the company is local, employs local people, and is locally operated. They offer tremendous service for this region. Having a name and face that you know when you call with any questions regarding your service is priceless. We always have a friendly and professional DUO employee to talk with if we ever need to call.”

Communication Service for a Hospital is Mission Critical


We have not been disappointed. We received a top-line system with reliability and almost immediate resolutions to any issues we have had. Broadband far exceeds anything we have ever had.”

— Rick Neikirk, CEO at Cumberland County Hospital

Phone service to a hospital is mission-critical. In mid-2018 Cumberland County Hospital’s phone system was nearing end of life. After searching for the best possible solution to solve the issue, DUO Broadband was selected to serve this rural healthcare facility located in Burkesville, Ky.

“We received several vendors’ quotes. DUO Broadband submitted quotes for not only the phone system but for broadband, long-distance, and incoming phone lines. We chose to go with DUO. The price was competitive. We felt like we would virtually have one-stop shopping when we have trouble. By choosing DUO Broadband, we are saving money for years to come.”

DUO’s installation team worked closely with the hospital’s IT staff to assure the hospital’s needs were met and exceeded.

In addition to hospital phone service, DUO was selected to service the company’s offsite pharmacy, clinics, medical supply, and nursing facility.

“With all said we would absolutely make the same decision. Sherry (Sherry Selby, DUO’s Business Customer Care Rep) is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”

Connecting Local Manufacturing to the International Marketplace


DUO Broadband has been our provider of communications for many years and has always excelled in its products and services. DUO not only has state-of-the-art technology but is a very good partner that consistently meets or exceeds our needs.”

— Randy Hart, President/CEO, Superior Battery Manufacturing

Superior is a starting, lighting, and ignition battery manufacturer, producing more than one million batteries per year for the automotive, commercial, marine, lawn and garden, and golf car industries. Superior Battery was founded by local entrepreneur Randy Hart and has experienced solid and substantial growth in its thirty-seven-year history. Currently, Superior ships their product mostly to the eastern United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, and has exported to almost every continent in the world. Superior has been a customer of DUO Broadband since its beginning in 1983.

“Having a local based communications service provides confidence and ease of support. No worries of extended downtimes or trying to connect to someone we do not have a relationship with when trouble does come.”

Superior has built their business on cutting-edge technology of the battery industry; therefore, they expect and require the same from their communication system. DUO Broadband’s products and services connect Superior Battery to the world to which their product flows.

“Speed and consistency of data transfer are critical in today’s business world. It is not an option. Without this technology, our region would suffer greatly in productivity and the ability to sustain the industry we now have.”

Superior depends on high up-time, speed, dependable connection, and quality of their connection of both data and voice. Superior’s order systems are primarily Internet-based along with teleconferencing and email. Critically, Superior depends on DUO’s network to keep data flowing between its two production facilities. The services also allow them to use offsite and cloud backup systems.

Today's Banking Demands Fast & Reliable Broadband


Having a local team provides a significant benefit to us. We actually know the individuals we are working with since they are a part of our community and know that we can count on them to provide superior service as a number of them also do business with us.”

— Roger Meadows, VP/Chief Operations Officer, United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky

United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky has counted on DUO Broadband since the opening of its branch location in Russell Springs in 2009. Today DUO provides Landline, Broadband, and TV services to the bank locations in Russell and Adair counties.

Broadband serves as a reliable backup to the bank’s T1 & T3 communication lines. Landlines are vital to the bank’s customer services.

DUO Broadband’s fiber-optic data network provides extensive capacity with reliability vital for business success. “We are always looking at ways to improve our customer experience across each of our channels and in many cases telecommunication speed is a contributing factor in doing that.”

Beyond the operations of the bank, Meadows feels DUO is delivering a vital resource to our rural region. “We need high-speed fiber in our area to allow us to compete with other areas. It affects employee productivity and allows businesses to operate efficiently. As more and more companies allow employees to work from home it is a critical infrastructure component for them to work effectively.”

“It is a pleasure working with all the DUO staff and knowing that they always try to ensure we are satisfied with the services we are receiving.”

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