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DUO Broadband has been our provider of communications for many years and has always excelled in its products and services. DUO not only has state-of-the-art technology but is a very good partner that consistently meets or exceeds our needs.”

— Randy Hart, President/CEO, Superior Battery Manufacturing

Superior is a starting, lighting, and ignition battery manufacturer, producing more than one million batteries per year for the automotive, commercial, marine, lawn and garden, and golf car industries. Superior Battery was founded by local entrepreneur Randy Hart and has experienced solid and substantial growth in its thirty-seven-year history. Currently, Superior ships their product mostly to the eastern United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, and has exported to almost every continent in the world. Superior has been a customer of DUO Broadband since its beginning in 1983.

“Having a local based communications service provides confidence and ease of support. No worries of extended downtimes or trying to connect to someone we do not have a relationship with when trouble does come.”

Superior has built their business on cutting-edge technology of the battery industry; therefore, they expect and require the same from their communication system. DUO Broadband’s products and services connect Superior Battery to the world to which their product flows. 

“Speed and consistency of data transfer are critical in today’s business world. It is not an option. Without this technology, our region would suffer greatly in productivity and the ability to sustain the industry we now have.” 

Superior depends on high up-time, speed, dependable connection, and quality of their connection of both data and voice. Superior’s order systems are primarily Internet-based along with teleconferencing and email. Critically, Superior depends on DUO’s network to keep data flowing between its two production facilities. The services also allow them to use offsite and cloud backup systems. 

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