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DUO Announces New Customer Care & Billing Software

Good News! DUO Broadband is switching to a new, more user-friendly customer care and billing service.

Effective with June 2024 billing, DUO Broadband will begin using our new billing software. What this means to our customers is an enhanced customer care experience and a new look for DUO Broadband billing statements designed to be an easier format to review.

We’ve selected Communications Data Group (CDG), an Illinois-based company that specializes in billing software for the telecommunications industry, to partner with for our online billing accounts and regular postal service account bills and notices.


  • Customers who pay via recurring credit card or ACH (bank drafts) will not see any changes in payment processing.
  • Credit cards currently on an account (not needing modification) will still process up to and after the migration to the new software.
  • To make a smooth transition, we will be suspending the ability to add or modify credit cards on accounts on Monday, April 15th. You can still make one-time payments during that period (not to be stored on your account) but the above cannot be performed until after we are live on the new billing software on Monday, May 20th.
  • After our migration to the new software is complete, you will have the capability to modify your existing card or add new cards.
  • Your services will NOT be interrupted during this migration to the new customer care and billing software.


  • Once we migrate to the new software you will be sent an email, with a new link, to our new site for online access, email statement notices, and managing your account with DUO Broadband.
  • Once you click on the link, you will be able to use your current username in the provided field.
  • You will be prompted to re-establish a new more secure password for your online access.
  • Once you’re in your online account, please verify all information on your account.
  • Verify you have the correct method of payment and card information on your account.
  • You can at that point make any changes on reoccurring or one-time payments as well as going paperless.

We encourage you to look over your bill carefully. The bill dates and due dates will remain the same. If you have any questions about the new look of our bills, please call and speak with one of our customer service representatives at 877-343-3131.

We are excited to better serve you with our new, enhanced customer care and billing service!

Example of new online bill

example of 3-bill

Example of new printed bill

example of printed bill

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