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DUO Call Manager Assistant

DuoCall Manager Assistant Setup Instructions

With DuoCall Manager Assistant you will be able to manage and control features, messages and calls with the added convenience of having a notification of incoming callers pop up on your computer screen as well as the ability to automatically synchronize your Outlook contacts with your Call Manager.

First, you will need to download the DUO Call Manager Assistant:
Click the “Download” link on the bottom right of your Outlook Home screen (see image below)

Screen Shot

Once you have downloaded the installer, a configuration window appears. If the window does not appear right-click on the Toolbar Assistant icon in your Startup Menu at the bottom right.

Select “Settings.” The “CommPortal Assistant Settings” window will appear (below).

Login Instructions

  1. Enter your ten-digit phone number in the “Number” field.
  2. Your password will be given to you by a DUO Broadband Customer Service Representative.
  3. Enter the CommPortal URL: http://callduo.com/default

screen shot


  1. Next, click on the “Outlook Contacts Sync” tab of your CommPortal Assistant Settings window. (below)
  2. Check the “Enable Synchronization” button
  3. Under Synchronization Options select “From Outlook Only” from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter “Contacts” in the “Folders to Sync” box.
  5. Click the “Sync now” button.


Screen Shot

Contacts will be synchronized every hour. Contacts entered in either the web portal or in your Outlook will be shared with the other contact application.

If you want to use the “Redirect Calls” function from the incoming call Pop-Up window, you will need to populate those numbers in the “incoming Calls” tab of the settings. Click “Apply” then “Ok.”

If you need further assistance you can call our business office during normal business hours.

270-343-3131 (Russell), 270-378-4141 (Adair), 270-433-2121 (Cumberland)

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