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You Are Now the Call Manager

With DUO Call Manager, you will be able to manage and control features, messages and calls online!

Forgot your password? Call the business office at (270) 343-3131 during normal hours. 

Log-in to DUO Call Manager

Login Instructions

  1. Enter your ten-digit phone number in the “Number” field.
  2. Your password will be given to you by a DUO Broadband Customer Service Representative.
  3. Enter the CommPortal URL: http://callduo.com/default

For Advanced Users

The desktop Call Manager Assistant offers all the features of the online Call Manager with the added benefit of automatic hourly contact list synchronization and the convenience of a pop-up notification on your computer to alert you of incoming callers. You may click the link below to learn how to download and set up the DUO Call Manager Assistant on your desktop.

DUO Call Manager Assistant Set-up Instructions

Learn More About DUO Call Manager


clicktodial Click to Dial button allows you to enter a phone number to dual using your normal phone.

clicktodial2 This Click to Dial button appears instead if you have configured Click to Dial to use a different phone.

logout Use this Logout button when you are finished.

refresh This Refresh button updates the page with recent phone and message activity.

help Help button brings up the online window.


This shows at a glance how many new messages you have, and your total number of messages.

Missed Calls

Shows your missed calls. If calls are from people on your contact list, their name is displayed along with their phone type. Click on a caller’s name to jump directly to their contact list entry.


Provides an easy way to look up a contact by name and view their details.


Shows the current settings for some of your key services. To change the settings for any of these services, click on the name of the service to jump directly to the relevant configuration.

Click to Dial

You can use phone numbers on this page, (including any numbers which have been recognized via your contacts and thus displayed as a name rather than a number) to directly place a phone call via Click to Dial.

A Click to Dial call first calls your phone. When you answer, it places the call to the target phone.

A pop-up shows the progress of these stages and the duration of the call once the target phone has been answered. If you pick up your phone, but there is a problem calling the target phone, the web page will not report the problem since you will hear the problem via the phone itself. This matches the behavior you would expect had you picked up the phone yourself and dialed manually. You can end the call via your phone in the usual way, or by pressing the End Call button on the pop-up. You can hide the pop-up without ending the call by pressing the Close button.

You can also place Click to Dial calls to any phone number by using the icons, which will ask you for the phone number to dial. You can choose who to dial by:

If you need assistance using DUO Call Manager, please view our tutorials and then contact our business office to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

DUO Call Manager FAQs

How do I reset my password or login?

Contact the business office during normal business hours and it must be the official person for the account.

How do I use the DUO Call Manager Assistant?

MUST MEET SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (Windows XP SP2 and higher and Outlook, “Not Outlook Express”) Download the application from the link on the DUO Call Manager Assistant. Enter in the technical information below.

Why will my contacts not sync up?

Look in configuration by right clicking on the tool bar assistant then select the sync tab at the top and make sure the box is checked to sync contact every hour.

Why when using screening do I get the “screening number ? is invalid, please provide a 10-digit directory number”?

This is an incorrect error message and this error is happening because you have reached your maximum number of entries for screening. You will need to remove an old one and then you can enter in the new number up to 10 numbers.

Why am I logged out automatically when attempting to “export” my call detail?

Internet Explorer requires that you allow download and at the top of the browser it will ask you if you want to download. Once you accept that you want to download you can log back in to your DUO Call Manager and the “EXPORT” will then work properly. As a reminder if you shut down your browser it will perform this action every time you log back in.

Why are calls not going into my voice mail?

You need to check to make sure you have it active in the “Call Manager” – “Forwarding” – “Busy/No Answer” window with the number 866-9900 or 378-9900 or 433-9900 depending on your local area.

You need to check to make sure your seconds for voice mail to pickup is not more than 36 seconds.

You need to review any other forwarding features that are active to verify setting are not interfering with voice mail picking up.

Why are calls to my home going to my cellular voice mail instead of my home voice mail?

Make sure if you are using “Follow-Me Call Forwarding” that your “Forward unanswered calls after XX seconds is set to no more than 24 seconds.

Why are my voice messages being deleted after they are forwarded to an email address?

Look in your “Setting” – “Messaging” – “Setting” and make sure that the box beside “Leave a copy of the forwarded voicemail message and faxes in the inbox” is checked.

Why can’t I log in at work?

Some networks have security measures in place to prevent certain browsing, please check with your IT team or support. If you need additional assistance please contact our business office during normal business hours. 

If you need assistance using DUO Call Manager, please view our tutorials and then contact our business office to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

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