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DUO Broadband provides products and services to requesting customers with visual impairments for easier digital content engagement.

Accessibility – DUO Broadband offers its customers navigation devices with the requisite accessibility features for customers that are blind or visually impaired. DUO Broadband’s video platform provides support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and audible accessibility for the enjoyment of DUO Broadband’s programming on any TV in the home and for recording programs in the cloud for playback on linked devices.

To obtain additional information such as user guides in accessible format, or to request support with Accessibility and instrumental products, services, devices and features, including Braille, large print documentation, and audible accessibility please call us at 270-343-3131 or visit https://duobroadband.com


For any concerns or complaints, please contact us:

Email: duo@duobroadband.com

Phone: 270-343-3131

Mail: P.O. Box 80, Jamestown Kentucky, 42629


Additional Accessibility Support

Large-Button Remotes – Remote Controls with larger buttons are available for purchase at an Wal-Mart and can be swapped for your current remote.

Bill Reading – If Customer will pay the bill by phone, Customer Service Representatives will read the Customer’s bill over the phone, upon request.

Video Description – Audio-narrated descriptions of the key visual elements of a TV program or movie are available. To access this feature you must enable the secondary audio channel through your set-top box. To select the SAP channel, you will typically need to start by pressing the “Menu” button or the button labeled “Settings” on the remote control. Then you will select either “Settings” or “Preferences” from a list of options. Under Settings or Preferences, you should find an “Audio” option. Finally, under audio, you can enable description by selecting the language option and choosing either “Alternate,” if it is available, or “Spanish.” 

Directory Assistance – We can help you find and dial phone numbers. In addition, you may be eligible for discounted or free directory assistance service.

Closed Captioning – Navigation devices provided by DUO Broadband include a mechanism reasonably comparable to a button, key, or icon for easy activation of the embedded closed captioning function. An automatic closed captioning lock is also available, so captions will always be turned on when you want to watch TV.

TTY Dialing – Phone service is compatible with TTY equipment.

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