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Fiber Optic Expansion

We are happy to announce that Jamestown’s Lightspeed Fiber Optic conversion is now complete. Not only are Jamestown residents’ homes future proof, they now have the ability to subscribe to unlimited video, Internet and voice features.

There’s more good news if you already have Duo County Telecom Video and Internet services because we will be coming to your residence soon. We are moving on schedule into Russell Springs so be ready to schedule your installation day when notified.

If you are on our Coaxial Video Service currently, you may wonder if this install will cost you anything. The answer: No. This install is on us. Our highly skilled install staff will convert your home into a fiber optic home at no extra charge.

For instance, if you have 2 HD/DVR set-top boxes, we will replace those with the appropriate boxes at no charge. Also, if you have basic coaxial video service with no set-top box, the standard box we will install will be at no charge to you as well.

If you currently have our standard broadband Internet with 1.5 Mbps Download/ 256 Kbps; Upload; when converted to Lightspeed Fiber Optic, you will be upgraded to our 2 Mbps Download/ 384 Kbps Upload, also at no charge to you.

After all, you are the customer and our number one goal is to provide you with the latest, greatest and most affordable telecommunications services available.

For online tutorials on how to operate your new Set-top box, visit the help section of our website.


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