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Four Ways to Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life

batteryWhen we’re on the go our technology is as well. However, battery life of our mobile devices can hinder our experience. Here are some key points to save your laptop’s battery life inspired by PC World writer, Paul Mah.

Plug in whenever possible

To be sure that you always have your laptop ready to go, keep it plugged in whenever possible. Contrary to previous theories, leaving your device plugged in will not ruin your battery or cause it to overheat.

It’s always good to have more than one AC adapter as well. If you travel a lot or work in separate locations, it might be good to leave one at your home or office and one in your laptop bag. This way you’ll never be stranded without power.

Adjust the screen brightness

Like Cellphones, laptop displays use a large percentage of battery power that the system consumes. Therefore, anytime you can dim the screen, do so. You’ll save significant battery life and if you are in a dark room, your eyes won’t strain as hard.

Track down errant apps

Sometimes the culprits for drained battery life are apps that are unnecessarily using your processor.

Resolving the problem is relatively straightforward: Press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key combination, launch Windows Task Manager (For Mac users, open Activity Monitor), and use it to identify processes that are showing unexplained high utilization. If a program won’t exit normally, terminate the offending process by right-clicking it and selecting Kill Process. For Web browsers, shutting off all instances usually works. If you aren’t sure if there are unwanted processes running, a reboot of your PC will work just fine.

Shut down your laptop when not in use

This one is simple. Whenever you pick up and go, or leave your desk for a long period of time, shut down your computer. If you are able to plug it in to the AC Power adapter, do so: but if not, shutting down the PC during your downtime will give the laptop more uptime.


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