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Gaming, Streaming, Surfing... however you use the Internet, do it faster with DUO Broadband High Speed Internet, powered by our fiber optic network.

 internet Always-on Connection


25/3 Mbps

25 megabits per second download and 3 megabits per second upload speed.



100/10 Mbps

100 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload speed.



500/50 Mbps

500 megabits per second download and 50 megabits per second upload speed.


  • Customer’s on Fiber have additional levels for more speed, call for details.
  • DSL customers may be limited to 1.5MEG for $35.95 if taking IPTV services.
  • All service levels are best effort due to variable methods of delivery and equipment constraints.
  • One-time installation fee of $100 may apply.
  • Customers in our DSL copper plant are limited to speeds up to 8MEG only. Other plans available based on network constraints, above plans are only available on our fiber network.


gigaspire for web

Not all WiFi is created equal.

Introducing the GigaSpire BLAST – a next-generation wireless mesh network router that delivers blazing fast speeds to your whole home and beyond! GigaSpire makes it simple to set up your WiFi network, plus you can easily manage devices and guest access. The GigaSpire provides seamless coverage all over your house and yard and allows you to connect more devices simultaneously.

  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Coverage all over your house and yard
  • Everyone can stream at the same time
  • Improved battery life for WiFi devices
  • Less delay (lower latency) for high demand devices
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics 
  • Manage from a FREE smartphone app

Only $9.95/month.

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gigamesh for web

Extend the Wi-Fi Range in Your Home or Business

Optimized to work with the Calix GigaSpire smart home systems, the Calix GigaMesh is the ultimate ‘plug-n-play’ Wi-Fi satellite.​ Add the GigaSpire extender to your service plan for only $4.95 a month. 


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DUO Broadband cannot guarantee your connection speed or that it will be uninterrupted connecting to other networks throughout the Internet. Connection speeds may vary due to the number of computers on a single broadband connection and other factors such as your computer's condition and or Internet congestion. All prices above are without static IP address. You may add a static IP for an additional $10.00 per month. Please ask to speak to a DuoCare IT Specialist for additional details.


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