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Introducing the YOU DUO Mobile App!

news command iq 1200Take the mystery out of managing your WiFi!

YOUDUO is a free App that allows you to manage your home or business Wi-Fi network from your mobile phone. When you have a GigaSpire BLAST Router from DUO, you can use this powerful and intuitive tool to get the most out of your WiFi and gain insight into your home or business network.

YOUDUO is easy to use, and lets you set parental controls and guest WiFi networks for visitors. You can associate your various devices in the network to members of your household, and the app provides you with basic policy management tools.

It’s easy to install the router yourself and connect the app to your system so you can take charge over your home network! 

Don’t have a GigaSpire BLAST Router? Request one today. Don’t have DUO Broadband Internet? Sign up today; we have special deals for new Internet customers.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


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