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Karen Hopper

My daddy Welby Thomas worked for RECC as a Foreman/Lineman for 35 1/2 years. He began in the 60’s. The RECC Co Op provided us with a landline phone at that time to receive outage calls from customers and was one of the first to have such.

I remember daddy working very closely with Duo County linemen when there would be outages. We was so grateful for the ability to have a phone in our home as prior to that people would come to the house to report their outages. Momma would answer the phone and radio them to daddy. Duo County Broadband has been a constant in our families lives since I can remember and we have received wonderful service throughout the years. I am grateful for the wonderful working relationship my daddy had with Duo co and for the exemplary service we have received throughout the years.

Also our son Jansen was given the opportunity to work there several years ago and we are grateful that he has a great place to work with great folks to work with. Thank you Duo Broadband for your wonderful service throughout the years and for your continued dedication to quality service to come.


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