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New FCC Rules Change How You Access Account Information

The FCC is implementing new rules to protect the privacy of information contained in your telephone account with DUO Broadband. The rules put new procedures in place to make sure telephone companies only discuss account information with the individuals listed on the account. DUO Broadband always takes the privacy of its customers’ information very seriously.

The new rules require that we take new steps to verify that the person requesting your account information is in fact authorized to do so. We will verify that customers making phone inquiries are who they say by asking for a password. If you expect that you will need to ask us about your account information over the phone, you should establish a password with our company.

The easiest way to do this is by calling our office from the phone line that you have with us. We will then return your call to establish the password. You may also establish the password or obtain account information by visiting our office and providing a valid, government issued identification card.

If your account is listed only in your name, you might want to consider adding another name, if appropriate – for example: a spouse or a roommate. If you are a parent or individual that relies on someone else to discuss your account changes, assist you with payments and/or billing issues, or anything else with our company, you will need to have that person’s name added to your account as an “Authorized Account Representative.”

The “Authorized Account Representative” does not need to be added to the billing name, but added to our records as a person that you have authorized to make changes or discuss information regarding your account. The “Authorized Account Representative” will not become a member of the Cooperative and therefore has no claim to your capital credits or voting privileges.

These new FCC requirements may make it more difficult for you to get your account information, but the FCC feels these new requirements are necessary to guarantee the privacy of your account information.

To access your account information online, you might also consider signing up for E-Bill. It is quick, easy, and FREE! You can sign up online at ebilling.duobroadband.com, or just call our office at 270 343-3131, 270 378-4141 or 270 433-2121 from the phone line that you have with us. We will then return your call to obtain your email address and password. Then you or anyone that you give your email address and password to, will be able to access your account information online. This service will allow you to pay your bill online with an E-check or with your credit or debit card. You will have a record of your billing and payment history, and you will still receive a paper bill unless you request otherwise.

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