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Having a local team provides a significant benefit to us. We actually know the individuals we are working with since they are a part of our community and know that we can count on them to provide superior service as a number of them also do business with us.”

— Roger Meadows, VP/Chief Operations Officer, United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky

United Citizens Bank of Southern Kentucky has counted on DUO Broadband since the opening of its branch location in Russell Springs in 2009. Today DUO provides Landline, Broadband, and TV services to the bank locations in Russell and Adair counties.

Broadband serves as a reliable backup to the bank’s T1 & T3 communication lines. Landlines are vital to the bank’s customer services.

DUO Broadband’s fiber-optic data network provides extensive capacity with reliability vital for business success. “We are always looking at ways to improve our customer experience across each of our channels and in many cases telecommunication speed is a contributing factor in doing that.”  

Beyond the operations of the bank, Meadows feels DUO is delivering a vital resource to our rural region. “We need high-speed fiber in our area to allow us to compete with other areas. It affects employee productivity and allows businesses to operate efficiently. As more and more companies allow employees to work from home it is a critical infrastructure component for them to work effectively.” 

“It is a pleasure working with all the DUO staff and knowing that they always try to ensure we are satisfied with the services we are receiving.”


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