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Fiber Optic Technology is Here!

DUO Broadband is excited to deploy into your home and business this next generation of communications technology.

It is all part of our commitment to provide exceptional customer service to our customers. Fiber optics offers many advantages to residential customers and businesses alike and prepares everyone to enjoy an even greater selection of communications options in the future.

DUO’s fiber optic technology is the installation and use of fiber optic cables to carry digital information directly to homes and businesses. These cables are made up of hundreds of fiber optics, which are long thin strands of pure glass about the diameter of a human hair. 

Fiber optics replace the duplicate infrastructure that telephone and cable companies previously installed in neighborhoods. Fiber has a higher bandwidth capacity and can easily transmit Digital TV, Broadband Internet and Telephone, and has plenty of capacity left over for future applications.

Fiber optics will provide many benefits to DUO Broadband customers including:

More Bandwidth

DUO’s fiber optic technology delivers a standard 12 MB with options up to 1 Gigabit in Internet speed! This level of fiber optic service can deliver up to 5 simultaneous HD signals into the home.

Fiber optic cable has the capability to transport virtually unlimited bandwidth. This will accommodate today’s demand for high speed Internet connections as well as the advanced applications of tomorrow. The closer the fiber is to a home or business, the more bandwidth will be available for the customer.

Greater Reliability

Fiber optic cables are less susceptible to lightning and electrical glitches than traditional copper wires and can withstand the shock and vibration from inclement weather.

Future Flexibility

Fiber optic cable has a longer life than copper wire and is more durable. Fiber optic cable is considered “future proof” and offers the flexibility to deliver advanced services in years to come.

Is DUO’s Fiber Optic Service Ready?

Yes. In August of 2015, DUO Broadband announced the availability of fiber optics for homes and businesses within Jamestown, Russell Springs and Columbia. It is also available in both of the county’s business parks. Activation in other parts of Russell County will occur in phases. To find out if your home or business is eligible for DUO’s fiber optic service, please call our office and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Will Anything Need to be Mounted on My House or Building?

lightspeed external boxesYes, a box called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) has been or will be mounted on the exterior of your house or building. It contains the electronics that convert a signal of light from the fiber into usable Digital TV, Phone and Internet. The ONT measures 12” x 10” x 4”. In addition, there will be a box installed inside your home or business to supply power to the ONT. This box will also contain a battery backup in case of power outage. It measures 9.25” x 6.25” x 3.5”.

Will Fiber Optics Change How My Current Services Work?

If you are a high-speed fiber optic Internet customer with DUO Broadband, you will no longer need a modem. Better yet, higher speeds will be available for your entertainment and communications services. There will be enhancements in your Digital TV services as well.

Maximize Your Internet with a Gigabit Router

Did you know that a Gig (or gigabit) Router can help you get even more out of your faster Internet speeds? It can increase your local network speed by as much as ten times! Even though you have fast Internet coming into your house, that bandwidth may not make it all the way to your devices.

There are things that can interfere with bandwidth delivery throughout your home. Floors, walls, multiple users, even your neighbor’s router can diminish the bandwidth in your home network. Gigabit routers are both smart and powerful. They not only have the power to offset interference, but also the ability to prioritize different types of apps and devices to give everyone on your network a better experience. DUO Broadband offers Gig Router service. Call today to upgrade your Internet speed or add a Gig Router to maximize your current bandwidth.

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