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Why Should Lightspeed be Important to You?

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Fiber technology is unique because it can carry massive amounts of information, called bandwidth, over long distances without degradation. Connecting homes directly to fiber optic cables instead of copper and coaxial cables enables homes and businesses to receive a wider range of products and services with greater reliability.

Fiber optics are a good investment to keep Duo County Telecom customers on the leading edge of technology and help us meet the growing bandwidth needs to provide high quality services now and for the future.

Major Fiber To The Home (FTTH) construction has been completed in Russell Springs and Duo County and will continue to move as quickly and efficiently as possible to give our customers the best service. If you have seen our trucks and contractors working in your neighborhood and have not been cut over from copper to fiber, you will be soon. Be sure to watch for your notice via personal calls or letters notifying you of the upcoming switch.

You can enjoy speeds of up to 12 MEG download once you’ve been converted to our Lightspeed service, which will allow you endless video streaming, gaming and surfing.



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