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Test your Bandwidth with the YOUDUO app

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How to test your bandwidth

The YOUDUO app has many features to give you ease of control over your WiFi network and the devices that connect to it. Another useful feature is the Bandwidth Test, which allows you to measure the bandwidth connection coming into your router from DUO Broadband.

What exactly is bandwidth and why do I want to measure it?

Bandwidth (as opposed to “Speed”) is the capacity of your Internet connection (“the size of the pipe”) you purchase from your Internet service provider.

You may have noticed that internet service providers list their internet services with speeds “up to” a given speed. This is because they aren’t really advertising the speed of their services. They are advertising the bandwidth of their connections by informing you of the highest speed those connections are capable of transmitting.

How to test your bandwidth*

Performing a speed and latency test on your network can be done directly from the YOUDUO app.

Tap My Network from the main dashboard then tap on your network name.

Under Settings tap Bandwidth Test. If you’ve run a test in the past the last results will show in this screen.

Tap Run Bandwidth test to begin. The speed test will first run between the GigaSpire BLAST and the Internet and then will conduct a speed test between any mesh units and router.

A test signal is sent to the nearest Speed Test server in your area and returns results to your app as a notification update and will also show in various locations throughout the app.

*You must have a GigaSpire router from DUO Broadband and the YOUDUO app installed on your smartphone and in order to perform a bandwidth test.

If you don’t have a GigaSpire router, request one today. If you don’t have the app you can download it for FREE from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The app is designed to function with the GigaSpire router.


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