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Mattie Sullivan

“I remember dial up Internet. You couldn’t use your phone if you were going online.” — DUO began offering ‘dial-up’ internet access in 1996. While it did allow people to connect to the internet from home for the first time, it wasn’t until the introduction of DSL connections (beginning in 2000) that you could use Continue Reading

Rhonda Redmon

“I remember party lines and being able to dial a ‘6’ and then the remaining four numbers to call someone local.” — In the earlier days of DUO’s telephone service you could shortcut the Jamestown and Russell Spring prefix (343 and 866 respectively) with just the last digit: “3” for Jamestown and “6” for Russell Continue Reading

Shannon Blanton

I was an early internet user. Took computer classes back in the late 80’s and a college class in ‘91, connected to the internet shortly after it was made available to the public in ‘93. I am an information junkie and once I signed up with AOL by using one of those free discs they Continue Reading

Christopher Roberts

“I’m not that old but I remember when Jamestown had a 502 area code and the old school caller IDs. And then there was dial up internet.” — Area code 270 became the new number to remember in 1999.

Janet Clark

“Back in the day when there was party lines my aunt used to pick up and listen to whoever was talking to someone else. She would wind up coughing and give away she was listening so she would join the conversation.” — For those too young to remember ‘party lines,’ a party line was a Continue Reading

Karen Hopper

My daddy Welby Thomas worked for RECC as a Foreman/Lineman for 35 1/2 years. He began in the 60’s. The RECC Co Op provided us with a landline phone at that time to receive outage calls from customers and was one of the first to have such. I remember daddy working very closely with Duo Continue Reading

DUO Broadband Marks 70 Years of Service

Connecting You! Answering the call. For 70 Years

DUO Broadband, a leading regional provider of fiber-optic internet and telephone services, is proud to announce the celebration of its 70th anniversary. Founded in 1954, DUO Broadband has been at the forefront of telecommunications, providing innovative solutions and comprehensive service to the residents and businesses of Southern Kentucky. Continue Reading

Rabon Smith

Rabon Smith of Russell Springs was among the very first to sign up for service in 1960. His late wife, Sue, was a 33-year employee of the co-op. “I had one of the earliest cell phones. If I got hung up on the farm or had a breakdown I could call someone to come and Continue Reading

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