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Local Content and Replays

If you’ve tuned in to one of our local sports games recently, you may have noticed something new and exciting: Instant Replays! Since the start of the 2011 football season Duo County Telecom and its LIVE production crews have been bringing you the big plays of the game from a different angle.

“Part of what makes our broadcasts a success is innovation,” says Duo County’s Video Producer, Ramie Hutchison.

Now with the ability to show a replay of an interception, touchdown, or bone-rattling hit, Duo County Telecom has turned their small productions into mainstream entertainment.

With play-by-play commentary for Duo County’s broadcasts provided by 104.9 FM, WJRS in Russell County and 93.5 FM, WAIN in Adair County, you can feel as if you are at the game.

Duo County Telecom encourages those who can make it the sporting events to do so and support their local schools, but if you can’t make it to the game, be sure to tune in to Duo County Channel 2 to watch it LIVE.  Our customers can also DVR the program or catch the games for FREE with our Video On Demand service within a week.


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