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Quick Response Codes: What Are They?

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Whether you’re looking through a magazine, walking through a restaurant or even driving, you may have noticed odd looking squares printed on billboards, brochures and advertisements. Although they look more like a Rorschach Tests, these Quick Response (QR) codes have actually become the new trend in advertisement.

These codes are similar to a bar code you see on retail products, but are much more versatile. They can store anything from Web addresses, text or even phone numbers. If you see a QR code in a magazine, usually it will be a link to a website or to a particular article online. Businesses like Duo County Telecom have started linking to their social media sites with these codes. But how do you scan them?

If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) you can download an application that scans barcodes or specifically QR Codes. The most popular app for Android is “Bar Code Scanner.” The application uses your phone’s camera to read the code. Simply line up the QR code’s image with your camera and wait for the app to read it. Once it recognizes the code, it will bring up the text or link that was embedded.

The best thing about QR Codes is that there are several FREE generators on the web. An easy one to use is qrcode.kaywa.com. Just visit the site, generate the code and save it as an image or a link.

So go ahead and start scanning by connecting to Duo County Telecom’s Facebook page with the code below.


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