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Make The Internet Safe For Your Kids

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As technology continues to find it’s way into all parts of our lives, including our children, it seems like the more we feel out of control about what our kids our watching.

With the majority of households today having Internet access of some form, children seem to become fairly affluent with PCs by the age of 5. This can cause concern for parents because like most media, the Internet is not filtered.

Youtube is also one of the more popular destinations with any age and needless to say, we wouldn’t want our 5 year old children watching some of the content on the site, but not to worry!

Apparently there are some smart parents out there who have created video sites specifically for children. Kideos.com is a great site that has tons of kid friendly videos and also organizes them by age group. Another great option is Zui.com, which is a Youtube look-a-like based off of the KidZui kid friendly Internet browser.

Be sure to check these sites so you can relax the next time your kids are browsing the Internet.


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