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New DUO Broadband Website Launched

This week DUO Broadband launched its redesigned website. The new site has an updated look, but longtime users should find it familiar and easy to navigate.

“We wanted to be sure our customers wouldn’t have difficulty getting used to a new design, so the menu matches pretty closely to our previous site,” said Eric West, Director of Marketing at DUO Broadband. “In fact, it should be easier to use. The main reason for the new look was to make it easier for business customers to access the information and services pertinent to their needs.”

The home page of the website gives visitors a choice of whether to view business or residential offerings. DUO Broadband provides a number of products and services geared toward business customers, including a complete evaluation of network and system needs for any size business.

“DUO Broadband is moving into new markets, areas where the ‘DUO’ name is not as well known. Our website is our opportunity to tell the story of what we do and the services we offer,” said West. “We need to tell that story as clearly and concisely as possible, and there’s a lot to tell. We feel this latest version of the website does it very well.” The site makes accessing new or expanded services easier than ever with simple online forms. This allows DUO Customer Service Representatives to prepare the most appropriate options and pricing to fit a customer’s needs. 

DUO Broadband customers are using the website more than ever, and traffic has noticeably increased over recent months. 

“The new reality of social distancing has made our website more important than ever,” said Tom Preston, DUO Broadband CEO. “If customers can get the information about services from our website instead of coming into one of our retail locations, that’s helpful to them, to us, and our community overall.”

Links to customer email and account portals (where bills can be paid online) are accessible at the top of every page. Live chat support (another very popular feature) is now easier to access, as well as DUO’s Lake Cumberland webcam.

The new website is also updated for tighter security and better web performance. The URL is the same as before: DUOBroadband.com, however, some internal pages will have new addresses and any bookmarked pages may need to be updated.


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