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Separate network for IoT devices? Yes!

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Smart home (or IoT) devices are becoming more popular and easier to use than ever before. If you’re using any of these devices in your home, or are thinking about adding one or more to your home, you should give some thought to how you’re connecting these devices to your WiFi network.

Do you need a separate network for IoT devices?

The short answer is yes. The FBI recommends that any IoT devices (doorbell cameras, smart speakers, smart thermostats, or even your refrigerator!) should be connected on their own network separate from your home computer or devices where you keep your personal or financial information.

Why should you set up a separate network for IoT devices?

It’s a basic security precaution. If you keep all IoT equipment on a separate network, any breach of a “smart” device will not provide access your primary devices where your personal data may be stored.

How do I set up a separate network?

If you have a GigaSpire BLAST router from DUO Broadband it’s easy to set up multiple networks using the free YOUDUO Mobile App.

Other ways to keep your devices and home network secure

  • You should always change the default password on any new device.
  • Passwords for devices (as well as your WiFi networks) should be as long as possible and unique for each.
  • If your devices are also supported by a mobile app, make sure you know what kind of information these apps are collecting and opt out of any access that doesn’t seem necessary.
  • Update all your devices regularly. Turn on automatic updates if they are available.

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