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What is a Virtual Assistant?

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Virtual Assistants (VAs) are artificial intelligent software agents that perform services or tasks based on voice commands. VAs can work through computers, smartphones, car dashboards, or stand-alone devices like Amazon’s Echo.

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are the most well-known VAs. The interaction of these assistants are designed to make user interface as friendly and intuitive as possible. Virtual Assistants are activated by a “wake-up” expression, then you simply ask a question or voice a command and the assistant responds. The simplest tasks include questions and answers. 

All VAs work via the Internet. With other Internet enabled devices on your WiFi network, VAs can control their behavior as well. For example, you can be out-of-town and ask your assistant to record a television program on your home DVR, or turn on your porch light if you have these components Internet enabled.

Virtual Assistants are constantly improving and will become more and more useful in the years to come. If you have an Alexa enabled smart speaker and a GigaSpire Blast router from DUO Broadband, you can connect your smart speaker to perform actions with your router. 


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