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Set up a guest network using the YOUDUO app

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You’re sure to have guests in your home who will need to use WiFi. The YOUDUO app has a simple guest network feature so you can share access to your network without sharing your primary network password.

  • Begin by tapping the PLUS icon on your main dashboard and tap the Networks tab to set up your guest network.
  • Enter the name of your guest network in the SSID name field. This is the name your guests will see for an Internet connection.
  • In the Security Type dropdown box select WPA. This allows you to add a password which is highly recommended.
  • Set the duration of your network or tap the Endless Network toggle switch to ON for your guest network will remain available until you remove it.
  • Tap the done button in the top right corner. to complete setup.

You will be given an option to share the network name and password using the share feature on your smartphone. You can edit or delete the network from the My Network screen.

You can download the YOUDUO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store


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