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What is a guest network, and why should you use one?

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How often do you have guests at your home ask for your WiFi password? Many of us think nothing of giving the password to our friends and family, or our kids’ friends. But you may not realize that you’re putting your own network security at risk. How? Guests could unknowingly download malware or connect to your network with already-infected devices, which could then infect everything else within the network. But that’s not the only reason to use a guest network.

So, what are the benefits of using a guest network?

1. Security: Protect other devices on your network from a potentially infected device that a guest may connect. It may also be a good idea to set up a separate network for any smart home or IoT devices, in case they become vulnerable, the rest of your network would be secure. (More on this topic in a future post!)

2. Bandwidth control: You can specify how much of your bandwidth will be available for the guest network. That way, if you have a house full of visitors, you won’t have to worry about guests’ usage slowing down the devices on your primary home network. 

3. Convenience: With a separate guest network you can make a simple to remember password that’s easy for your guests to use, while your main network password would be one that is very strong, ideally 25-30 characters according to some recommendations. You may even choose to make your guest network password-free depending on your situation.

How do you set up a guest network?

Many routers support guest networking, and setup depends on the kind you have. If you have a GigaSpire BLAST router from DUO Broadband, it’s simple to set up a guest network using the free YOUDUO Mobile App. Most other routers will require you access their interface by typing in the IP address of your router into a web browser and logging in to set up your guest network. 

If you’d like more information on setting up a guest network you can contact our 24hour technical support. Or add a GigaSpire BLAST router for ease of use and the ultimate in network control.


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