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YOUDUO – Get to know your Main Dashboard

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youduo phone networkAn Introduction to the Main Dashboard on your YOUDUO App

Welcome to your Dashboard
Creating and controlling the ultimate WiFi Experience happens from right here. Everything begins with the My Network section. You can quickly check the status of your connection to the Internet.  

My Network
The My Network button allows you to manage your WiFi and guest networks. You can view equipment like routers and mesh satellites, enable and disable services and view bandwidth usage by connected device.

The Tool Bar
The tool bar on the bottom of your screen allows you to create unique experiences and tailored settings for 3 categories, People, Places and Things. And the Plus Icon is where the magic happens! You can:

  • add people to create profiles and set controls
  • group things by locations in your home with Places
  • connect new devices with Things
  • create a guest network
  • extend your wifi by adding a new mesh 
  • turn on new services

The People tab allows you to create unique experiences for individuals in your home. You can assign network devices to individuals and monitor usage, pause the internet, set time limits and more.

The Places feature lets you group devices by room, area, or location, like a media room, office or outdoor patio. You can tailor the wifi to optimize the network performance for certain locations.

The Things tab gives you a list of all the connected devices on the network where you can view usage, pause internet, set activity priorities and more.

You can also customize the YOUDUO app with alerts and adjusting security codes. Watch this video for the full Main Dashboard introduction.

The YOUDUO App is the command center for the GigaSpire BLAST router available with your DUO Broadband Internet service. Don’t have a GigaSpire BLAST Router? Request one today. Don’t have DUO Broadband Internet? Sign up today; we have special deals for new Internet customers.

You can download the YOUDUO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


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