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Whoa. The Duo County Website Has Changed!

New Duo County Telecom website

Duo County Telecom has launched an updated website, but there is more than just a new look. We have responded to how customers use our site, putting priority on the tools and information used the most, and simplifying the navigation system for new and long-time visitors. We focus on our products and services, while offering easy, logical access to information.

To navigate the new site, you no longer search through dropdown menu choices, but follow categories (such as TV, Internet, News, Company Info) that branch off into more specific pages related to the section. For instance, to learn more about Video on Demand, you would go to the TV section where a sidebar menu button takes you to information about VOD.

If you are used to checking your webmail from our website, you will notice that now you can click the “Check E-mail” link at the top of every page, as well as in the menu at the bottom of every page. You can also search the entire site and access live support in the same location. 

Because so many customers are accessing DuoCounty.com from their phones, we’ve improved the way our website works on mobile devices. The site responds to the width of your browser, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, and reflows to display as clearly as possible.

Our new site still includes popular features such as our Duo Lake Cam (which offers a twin panoramic view of Lake Cumberland), community links,  account access, and live chat support to help you with service or equipment issues. 

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers. Check out our new website at DuoCounty.com.


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