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Connecting Local Manufacturing to the International Marketplace

• HIGH-SPEED FIBER OPTIC BROADBAND• CENTREX PHONE SYSTEM• MULTIPLE LOCATIONS DUO Broadband has been our provider of communications for many years and has always excelled in its products and services. DUO not only has state-of-the-art technology but is a very good partner that consistently meets or exceeds our needs.” — Randy Hart, President/CEO, Superior Battery Manufacturing Continue Reading

Today’s Banking Demands Fast & Reliable Broadband

• HIGH-SPEED FIBER OPTIC BROADBAND• CENTREX PHONE SYSTEM• DIGITAL TV• MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Having a local team provides a significant benefit to us. We actually know the individuals we are working with since they are a part of our community and know that we can count on them to provide superior service as a number of Continue Reading

Practicing Law Requires Reliable Client Access

• HIGH-SPEED FIBER OPTIC BROADBAND• CENTREX PHONE SYSTEM• SINGLE LOCATION Since the law office had DUO Broadband Internet and phone services installed, we have had no service interruptions and that is very important to this business. Sometimes people will only try to call a lawyer one time, and then call another one.” — David Cross, Continue Reading

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